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Call :07939 025881

Call :07939 025881

Boat Fishing Trips Scarborough

Boat Fishing Trips Scarborough

Skylark Fishing Trips will make available the vessel SKLARK, licensed and insured and carrying regulation safety equipment, together with a fully qualified skipper. SKYLARK is licensed and insured for 12 passengers and 2 crew.

Skylark generally departs from the Golden Ball Slipway, unless we state otherwise. Start times and trip durations are to be agreed on booking. Alterations are at the discretion of the skipper and any significant changes must be agreed in advance.  The hirer will be responsible for any extra fees that may be incurred and any delays will form part of the day’s charter.

All fishing gear, diving gear, photographic equipment, items of personal clothing etc and any personal items belonging to passengers on board the vessel are the individual’s responsibility whilst on board. Skylark Fishing Trips accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal equipment when stored on the vessel overnight.


Rods, and reels are available at no extra cost but will be charged for if lost or damaged. Rod £20, and reel £30

If for any reason we have to cancel your trip and advise you that weather is too bad for safe sailing we will offer you sheltered fishing or will reschedule another date for you.

All hirers are requested to telephone Nick on 07939 025881 the day before the trip to check for favourable weather conditions. If in the opinion of the skipper conditions are not favourable for the following day the trip may be cancelled. If possible an alternative date will be offered or any deposit returned.

If you try to telephone during the day you may not get through as we are out at sea most days therefore we have limited signals on our mobile but your call in these cases will divert to our answer phone please speak clearly and slowly leaving your telephone number and we will telephone you back a.s.a.p.

If Skylark Fishing Trips cancels the charter due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition on the skipper’s part, if possible, you will be notified in advance and either an alternative date will be offered, a sheltered fishing trip could be offered or any deposit paid will be returned.  Skylark Charters does not accept any responsibility for travelling or any other costs incurred by individuals if the trip cannot take place on the day booked.


If a booked passenger has to cancel the trip we will require notice 7 days before the trip otherwise a 10% fee may will be charged or your deposit will be retained to cover this loss, if the skipper can find an alternative party he may refund this later. if a booked passenger fails to show on the booking date and time the full cost of the trip is still payable as the skipper will have arranged crew and be leaving the harbour with less paying passengers.

we also have the right to publish information about non shows to third parties and seek ways to get owed money back. we advise all passengers to let the skipper know ASAP if you are running late or cannot make the trip.


If deteriorating weather conditions cause an early return to port, only that proportion of the trip to the nearest hour spent from port will be payable.  Any decision to return early to port is the skipper’s. An insistence of return by the hirer qualifies as a complete trip and the full fee is payable.


Alcohol is only permitted on the boat in strict moderation and if anyone is found to be intoxicated whilst on the boat we may terminate the charter early and return to port with the full charter cost still payable to the individual intoxicated paying for the full boat hire themsevles.


If, in the opinion of the skipper, any member(s) of the hirers’ party are deemed to be intoxicated they will be refused permission to board or returned to port if already at sea. Any time lost will form part of the charter period. The hirer will be liable to pay for the full charter period regardless of time spent at sea or number of persons on board. Any persons judged to be behaving in a reckless manner, endangering themselves, others or the vessel will be dealt with in the same manner, as will any person persistently disposing of litter overboard.


Wear sensible clothing on your day at sea and remember it can be cooler at sea than ashore. The sun is also stronger at sea so bring a hat sun cream and a warm fleece or pullover with you and also a waterproof jacket. Please note soft shoes or clean wellingtons only please don't leave half your garden mud on the bottom of them and no hobnailed boots. There is plenty of seating on the boat so please leave big tackle boxes at home.

Our boat is kept clean and tidy for your comfort safety and enjoyment and it is expected that you treat the boat respectfully, cutting boards for bait are supplied and cutting bait on any part of the boat other than cutting boards will not be tolerated.


Gift Vouchers. When you receive a gift voucher please try to be flexible we cannot guarantee a specific date and have to put you with other anglers as going to sea with one angler is uneconomic for us. Just telephone us on 07939 025881 give us a few dates and we will do our best to get you out fishing as close to the date you have requested as possible. Please note you are responsible for all hire equipment during your trip and any losses will have to be paid for and don't forget to telephone us the evening prior to your fishing trip at around 7pm to check on weather etc..If you book a date with your gift voucher this is deemed a booking and if you fail to turn up your voucher will be cancelled. Refunds will NOT be given on gift vouchers.


The items above set out the terms and conditions under which Skylark may be chartered.  The document forms an agreement between Skylark (the owner) and the club or individuals chartering the vessel (the hirer). By booking you accept these terms and conditions.

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Terms and Conditions